Secure Data Output


It is vital to get your damaged drive to SDO as soon as possible after a data loss event. Continued use of the drive could result in permanent data loss. Power down your device and drop it off at one of our convenient locations. We can remove the pieces we need for recovery and return them to you immediately or recycle them for you.

Secure Data Output is an experienced data recovery with a strong emphasis on customer service. We can recover data from a variety of devices and systems. Donít give up on your data, contact SDO today!

Our Service

We know if can be difficult when dealing with a data loss event. Weíll respond to your inquiry quickly and provide a consultation at no charge. If we canít recover your data, then you donít pay. We walk you through the entire process, so there are no surprises. We wonít hold your data hostage. Weíll even offer options for properly backing up your data in the future, so you donít have to come back. Can our bigger, more expensive competitors say that?

Our Facilities

We perform our data recovery operations in a state-of-the-art clean room designed by a medical device engineer. We utilize many techniques to provide the most cost effective recovery options for your needs.